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Comprehensive analysis of UV LED light source than the traditional mercury why

  UV LED spot curing system is through electrical → light energy conversion, so that high-power LED UV diode chip to produce high purity 365nm monochromatic ultraviolet light, uv curing energy is highly concentrated in the desired wavelength band.

  Its main features are: long service life, fast curing time, low cost, no mercury, just an ordinary cable, optical fiber is the traditional high pressure mercury lamp spot light machine replacement.

  Scope: UV glue / shadowless glue curing, electronics, precision components, DVD movement / shaved head, optical lenses, liquid crystal display panels, micro-motor, medical, crafts, fiber optic connectors, LCD, LCD, motor, hard drives and other the emerging field of wide range of applications.

  Comprehensive analysis of UV LED light source than the traditional mercury why

1, except UV LED spot light with traditional high pressure mercury lamp curing equipment at Formula

A: UV curing machine produced by conventional light brightness looks very bright, high in calories, in fact, it's a very wide spectrum, ultraviolet spectrum of a really effective role in curing only a part of the energy that a significant part of the visible light paragraph (stray light) and generates heat, serious injury to the operator's eyes and easy to workpiece thermal deformation.

B: UV LED spot light, emitted from a high-purity 365nm monochromatic UV light, it belongs to the cold light source; workpiece temperature rise only about 3 degrees, does not deform the workpiece, its energy is highly concentrated in a UV spectrum has an effective curing effect section, the practical effects of light intensity and high-pressure mercury lamp curing effect 1000-2000mw comparable curing time is reduced to 0.5 to 5 seconds.

2, UV LED spot light source significantly reduce production costs

A: As a result of the LED light way, life of up to 25,000 hours (continuous light life) energy-saving design, only when required, by irradiating lights, low power consumption, power: 50W.

B: LED spot light body small and lightweight, can be easily integrated into an automated assembly process, or as a complete desktop system.

C: LED light head via computer control, according to the actual need to select manual or automatic control operation, and the time required to set their own light irradiation (accurate to 0.01S) further support the needs of high-precision engagement, reducing human error operation time.

D: LED curing equipment almost no heat, non-friable, no mercury; low maintenance costs.

3, UV LED with a special condenser lens assembly also makes it a high concentration of energy in the solidification point, solidification enhance efficiency, four (each device can be installed four LED tube) into irradiated with increasing the area.

4, no warm-up, and instantly send high-energy ultraviolet light, using the latest high-energy 365nm UV LED, and instantly send high-energy ultraviolet light, UV glue curing quickly, significantly increasing productivity.

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