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What is the Optical Power Meter

  Used to measure absolute or relative optical power loss through a length of optical fiber optical power. In fiber optic systems, optical power measurement is the most basic, very much like the electronics in the multimeter. In the optical fiber measurement, optical power meter is commonly used in heavy-duty table. By measuring the optical network transmission side or absolute power, a power meter will be able to evaluate the performance of the optical terminal equipment. In combination with a power meter and a stable light source used is capable of measuring the connection loss, continuity test and help evaluate fiber link transmission quality.

  Application-specific user, to select the appropriate optical power meter, we should focus on the following points:

1, choose the best probe type and interface type

2. Evaluation and manufacturing calibration accuracy calibration procedure with your fiber optic connectors and match the required range.

3, to determine these models are consistent with your measurement range and display resolution.

4, with direct dB insertion loss measurement function.

  Optical power unit is dbm, has its light emitting and receiving optical power in the specification of fiber optic transceiver or switch usually emitting less than 0dbm, the receiver is able to receive the minimum optical power is called sensitivity, you can receive the maximum optical power minus unit sensitivity value is db (dbm-dbm = db), known as dynamic range, the light emitting power minus receiver sensitivity is permitted fiber attenuation value. When testing the actual light power minus the actual received optical power value is the fiber attenuation (db). The optimum value of the light power received by the receiver is able to receive the maximum optical power - (dynamic range / 2), but generally not so good. Due to the dynamic range of each optical transceiver and an optical module is not the same, so the fiber can allow specific number depends on the actual situation attenuation. Generally permitted attenuation of about 15-30db.

  Some instructions will only light power and the transmission distance between the two parameters, sometimes to explain how much fiber loss per kilometer calculated transmission distance, mostly 0.5db / km. Divided by the minimum transmission distance of 0.5, which is able to receive the maximum light power, if the received optical power is higher than this value, the optical transceiver may be burned. With a maximum transmission distance divided by 0.5, that is, the sensitivity, if the received optical power is less than this value, the link may not work.

  Optical fiber connections, there are two ways, one is fixedly connected to one is an active connection, fixed connection is welded, with special equipment by the discharge, so that the fiber fuse together two fiber optic connectors, the advantage is small attenuation, the disadvantage is * make complex inflexible. Activities connected via a connector, usually attached to the ODF pigtail, the advantage of simple, good flexibility * for big disadvantage is the attenuation, attenuation generally an active connection corresponds to one kilometer fiber. The fiber attenuation can be estimated: including fixed and connected to fiber attenuation 0.5dB per kilometer, if considerably less active connection, this value can be 0.4dB, active connection, can be reduced to a simple fiber excluding 0.3db theoretical value pure fiber is 0.2db / km; the insurance dollars to 0.5 in most cases as well.

  Fiber Test TX and RX must be tested separately, in the case of the use of only a single fiber fiber so of course only be tested once. According to the principle of a single fiber WDM production company we are talking about, but I think that the higher the possibility of using optical fiber coupler.

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