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The fiber welding machine to the extreme cost and easy Connaught instrument uncompetitive

  Late last year, 4G license (TD-LTE standard) officially issued so that the three operators really excited one. According to statistics, by 2020, China's 4G base stations will reach 1.24 million, while pre-construction investment scale 4G network to pull in 500 billion yuan; and, to a formal commercial 4G network later, it will drive the upstream and downstream terminal manufacturers and software industry, industrial scale is expected to exceed one trillion yuan mark. According to the construction plan before China Mobile 4G announced, this investment is only one company for the entire 4G network will reach 200 billion; and in the "five" period, the overall scale of investment in China's telecommunications industry will reach 2 trillion yuan; China Unicom as early as 16 cities have started mixing 4G trial network.

  Three operators this "Costly" throwing money way optical communications industry has rolled out a Sunshine Boulevard. With the "broadband China" strategic plan implementation, 4G gradually started construction, the use of a large number of optical fiber and cable surge fiber welding machine industry market demand also increases. Fiber optic cable is very important for laying and network coverage, the optical fiber connector and cable technology is good or bad for it also has impact can not be ignored. Delay, response speed, signal distortion, time domain security check on all those involved in the process of quality optical fiber connector, optical fiber connector technology can be said to directly affect the transmission quality of the network. Therefore, also welding machine a higher technical requirements.

  INNO Instrument owns welding machine field pivotal position, in particular the rapid development in recent years, which in 2007 will enter the Chinese market, Korean companies, in nearly a decade of development, closely follow the development trend of the industry, continued to product among inject youthful vigor, widely welcomed by customers.

  At this year's exhibition CIOE, INNO Instrument View series brings fiber welding machine body, it has a conventional welding machine is not the same as "the young and energetic." The industrial-grade CPU with quad-core welding machine, fast response, good stability. Previously, welding a time-consuming 35 seconds, but now is easy to promise the instrument can be completed within 20 seconds; this is equivalent to only 480 core conventional welding efficiency at work every day to enhance the core 800. Furthermore, complicated and boring conventional welding machine operation, the INNO Instrument bring products once won the hearts and minds of customers. Its flat user interface with touch-screen operation is very simple and straightforward, with just a few clicks, you release your hands thoroughly.

  It is understood that this concept is not a source of design ideas, but by the INNO communication with customers a little bit of the inspiration comes from. In order to further understand the product concept is easy to promise instrument, OFweek optical communications network specially edited interview with the Region of the instrument is easy to promise the person in charge of Zhou Zhi Wei, Wu Chao Li Xiangming and marketing manager.

  Manager Wu told us about Road: "INNO most proud of is the product technology updates and customer service on the product every year we launch new products quickly capture the market rate, and service with a special service vehicles 4S, running. in front of each customer, face to face to give guidance and training. "the inspiration View series welding machine is simple, it is easy to promise close contact with the customer accumulation, inspired so designed.


Market competition is fierce, companies in order to gain more market share at the price you fight to grab me, so one to two to will be easily drained profits, and thus make their own investment and research and development capacity of the secondary weakened, no new space for expansion. For this competitive situation is not very good, easy to promise instrument coping strategies appeared to be very far-sighted. We understand, INNO instrument in China's market is not much profit in fact, it is the global profits from the use of other regions to improve their product quality and technology, and then nurturing China's market, customer service, customers expect the Chinese to bring a more mature level. For the price war, a visionary technology companies still have to spend more time up. Only to impress customers through technology and services, in order to go longer.

Indeed, INNO "excellent quality, friendly price" momentum within a few years made rapid progress, not only in East Asia, the rapid increase in market share, but also significant to keep pace with the traditional Zhu Qiang in Europe. According to our view, the broadband China is a great opportunity, rallied around the hero, swarm; if the blind expansion and price, it is easy to make your own mess "shuffle", even if the final can linger survive, but also very difficult climate. Better to learn INNO Instrument, patiently more contact with customers, the product has done some of diversification, to meet customer tastes. Preferably again a modular product, all kinds of segments, to allow customers to slowly pick.

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