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Anritsu introduced light damage locator module MT9090A OTDR

  A provider of innovative test and measurement solutions for advanced and converged networks global suppliers, Japan Anritsu (Anritsu), today announced the launch of its new optical network installation and maintenance of an innovative tool, Network Master MT9090A mOTDR.

  Its performance and large size four times more expensive than the price of 2 times the conventional OTDR rival, Network Master MT9090A μOTDR a new generation of test instruments. Its characteristics: 5 cm resolution for precise positioning event dead zone of less than 1 meter (3 feet) and up to 35dB dynamic range to ensure that any type of fiber-optic network complete and accurate assessment of the room to access, metro to PON-based core network comprises splitting ratio of 1:64 FTTx networks. Obviously μOTDR in the engine room and access network applications than any other handheld OTDR. MAN link even 175km (108 miles) long distance optical fiber can be completely evaluated using lower pulse width and better resolution.

  MT9090A μOTDR portability will also reach a new level, measuring just 19cmx9.6cmx4.8cm (7.5 "x3.8" x1.9 "), weighs only 700 grams (<1.54 lbs), μOTDR is the smallest and lightest on the market the OTDR. Because of its lightweight design and user-friendly size, MT9090A perfect correspondence outdoor environment, it is easy to hold with one hand.

  Stephen Colangelo marketing and business development director of Anritsu Company, said: "There are many handheld OTDR on the market, it looks good, but put into use soon after users discovered they lacked the performance of today's network installation and maintenance needed." "Anritsu Network Master MT9090A and MU909014x / 15x modules is the first compact without sacrificing performance OTDR. It is a prominent feature to provide high resolution and high dynamic range at a super simple condition, Network Master μOTDR opened fiber testing in the field of a new era! "

  Network Master MT9090A / MU909014x / 15x μOTDR Module ™ Series highlights:

* High-end OTDR performance and light weight, compact size,

* Excellent mid-range performance;

* Automatic mode simplifies operation, to ensure the correct setting;

* Through the 1x64 splitter full FTTx / PON testing;

* 1625nm & 1650nm models for in-line maintenance and troubleshooting;

* Other products do not have integrated fiber optic test does not require an external device to provide accurate measurement of the initial joint;

* Unique battery capacity to support common nickel metal hydride batteries and alkaline batteries.

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