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EXFO launched field tests autofocus fiber inspection

EXFO Inc. January 27 announced the launch of FIP-430B automated fiber inspection, to further improve its portable optical test equipment product line.

FIP-430B is designed to simplify and accelerate the verification connector, which incorporates advanced automation features such as high-performance fiber optic image centering system based on IEC standard or custom built connector end face of the pass / fail analysis, simply a few seconds to provide accurate and consistent connector verification. Detector image centering function can save up to 57% of the time, and the unique AF adjustment feature provides a vital link in making the process to achieve a 100% automated. We will always be able to get the best picture quality. In addition, the focus protection also prevents the captured image in the case of improper focus adjustment, ensure that the analysis does not ignore any defects or residues affecting performance.

Users simply FIP-430B is connected to the connector port, then connect the detector will automatically detect, find and center the fiber image, adjust and optimize focus and catch, run pass / fail analysis, even save and report the results. Time the entire process takes only slightly longer than the clean connector port, so you have no reason to ignore this important step.

"EXFO is the first to introduce this kind of autofocus field testing equipment company. This innovation will automate the entire testing process, without any time-consuming and complicated to operate, the risk of human misinterpretation does not appear, so end users can more easily follow best practices ", EXFO physical layer and étienne Gagnon, Vice president, wireless division said," Jiao Youli automatically to identify defects, the focus is protected from false report results, all of which help to give more accurate and consistent test As a result, in order to achieve that is the first time a successful network deployment. "

In addition, the new FIP-430B USB detector compatible with any PC or laptop, all EXFO FTB Ecosystem platforms, as well as new MaxTester 700B OTDR series.

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