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INNO Instrument Almighty to release fourth-generation FTTH core fiber splicing machines

  The so-called final 100 meters, referring to the butterfly cable households, most of the current FTTH projects using home side butterfly laying cable mode, use the on-site assembly type quick connector to achieve home. But a growing number of construction workers found that the success rate is lower than the normal way of operating technical parameters, insertion loss is higher than the normal technical parameters. Consequent low success rate is that initial installation, fault repair rate is high risk and there will scale deployment.

  Therefore, some pilot FTTH market enabled FTTH melt, such as South Korea, has started to upgrade.

Has more than 80% share of the fiber welding machine supplier in South Korea South Korea INNO Connaught Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Yi Connaught instrument) R & D Minister Ricky Jo said fiber splicing technology is quite mature, the past 20 years has been widely applied, welding technology We have made great progress and become more simple, fast and economical.

  Technically speaking, fiber welding machine accurately align the fiber core, the fiber electrode can produce high-pressure arc melting together, welded together to form one long seamless fiber.

  With the fiber becomes ubiquitous, welding machine must be smaller, lighter and easy to carry. To accommodate this trend, easy to promise instrument introduced IFS-15H fiber welding machine, which allows users in a variety of environments, without replacing any optical fiber jig to complete a variety of ultra-low loss connection, such as trunk optical fiber butt ( because it is aligned with the core), optical docking room, FTTH fiber optic butt home, and all on a super jig is completed, not only convenient but also greatly reduces fiber damage and avoid repeated cleaning and operating fiber welding machine part.


IFS-15H Fiber Fusion Splicer

  Some features IFS-15H also make mechanic job easier, such as integrated imaging system that allows the operator to see the two axis of the fiber, which is conducive to fiber alignment. Built-in alarm system to warn against unclean fiber or poor cutting angle. Fiber identification function detects the type of fiber, such as single mode, multimode, non-zero dispersion shifted fiber, etc., and automatically adjusts the welding machine according to these parameters. Ricky Jo adds, IFS-15H fiber welding machine interface is intuitive, easy to use, any used computer people will quickly master.



  Compared with other fiber welding machine, IFS-15H operations significantly reduce the time spent, can be completed within 6-7 seconds core welding, heat protection for about 30 seconds, reducing the total welding time to 40 seconds. The previous generation of equipment every three or four years of welding needs 12-15 seconds, heating protection use 1 minute. (See below)

  Ricky Jo representation, IFS-15H has been fully into the market, this product by virtue of the trunk, construction and other levels of versatility FTTx lines, core alignment, high speed, low loss, full-featured universal fixture, compact size and weight and other characteristics, won a similar telecommunications equipment in high praise.

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