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Fujikura landmark single fiber core alignment splicer 80S available

As one of the leading manufacturers in the field of fusion splicer Fujikura company announced July 26 the official launch of a landmark alignment of single core fiber splicing machines - "80S".

With the rapid development of the popularity of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet, the demand for modern data transmission network communication also increase rapidly. To this end, the NDRC and the Ministry of Research and other eight ministries jointly drafted the "broadband China strategy", and comprehensive planning of the construction plan, "1025" period, the "broadband China strategy" up to the national level.

In order to better adapt to and meet the new changes and new requirements of the Chinese market, Fujikura put ourselves for the sake of actual users of the welder, in a quick operation and improve the efficiency of the design concept, development of a landmark single core Alignment fusion splicer "80S".

Single Fiber Fusion Splicer 80S core alignment

1 Single Fiber Fusion Splicer 80S core alignment

80S introduced the following new functions:


Automatic opening and closing lid and a heater wind: breaking the traditional welding procedures, to achieve the fastest incredible seven seconds and 14 seconds welded heating

Open to operate one-step carrying case: the new design of the embedded table, opening and closing Jieke step without the cumbersome preparation

Bright light can also see giant-screen color display: 4.73 inches wider color LCD display, also clearly visible in bright light outdoors

6 to a full range of fall protection concept: the new 6-to-round anti-drop design, and also has excellent anti-dust and anti-raindrop performance

After full charge can be achieved more than 200 welding and heating operations, to dealing with emergencies: the amount of work to adapt to the high lithium battery

User-friendly video tutorials to help: the supplied software in particular mounted video guide, everyone can understand

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