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Fujikura subsidiary AFL released the latest 62S Fusion Splicer

  AFL recently launched initiative Fujikura 62S core alignment fusion machine, and claim to have a lower fusing loss, shorter fusion time. The product has a traditional clamshell-style flip-open wind protection and non-motorized protection sleeve heater, thereby reducing system complexity without increasing fusion time. Fusing and protective tube heated from the start feature also reduces the necessary steps. In addition, the fusion machine with standard features include fused cannula (splice sleeve) contraction time under 23 seconds, cutting the length of the optical fiber or optical fiber for 5mm small package needs to connect with the head down, as well as Internet-based software upgrades Wait.

  Fujikura 62S fusion machine also uses a non-mirror optical system and the impact of anti-surveillance technology to improve the reliability and lifetime of the electrode 5000 fusion, lithium battery each charge support 200 fused.

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