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EXFO Launches Multifunction OTDR tester

  The industry's leading OTDR test solution provider EXFO Inc. (NASDAQ: EXFO, TSX: EXF) announced today the launch of FTB-720 LAN / WAN Access Network OTDR, which is a field technician installation and maintenance of singlemode and multimode ideal tool for fiber optic networks.

  FTB-720 has best-in specifications and four test wavelengths for fiber optic contractors and private network operators has been optimized so that it can fully test and identify a variety of fiber-optic network. EXFO's OTDR at a wavelength of 50 μm and 62.5 μm multimode can accurately test and has controlled launch conditions, to ensure that the evolving multi-mode network successfully launched Gigabit Ethernet.

  FTB-720 OTDR can be installed in the advanced compact FTB-1 platform, with widescreen TFT displays, and seamless hybrid touchscreen / keypad navigation. It can be connected via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet and multiple USB ports, so a visit in any environment. The platform also integrates PDF report generation capabilities, and support for over 15 different languages, helps fiber installers to achieve unprecedented productivity and autonomy.


Pictured EXFO launched FTB-720 test tools

  FTB-720 is a fully integrated OTDR, combined ConnectorMax analysis software, visual fault locator (VFL), fiber optic detector (FIP), broadband power meter and CW light source. In addition, through its intuitive graphical user interface and a variety of software features, a user need only minimal training, can effectively test results post-processing, and create professional test reports.

"The test module is installed via the newly launched FTB-1 platform, EXFO achieve industry-leading optical test specifications and to meet the growing needs of its users CPN," Étienne Gagnon, Vice President-Wireline Division and Corporate Marketing said EXFO "So, this versatile OTDR designed for seeking cost-efficient site solution contractor special programs, which can cope with a variety of multimode and single-mode fiber testing requirements."

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