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Consolidated Communications nears 20k IPTV subs

US telco Consolidated Communications, which serves the three states of Illinois, Texas and Pennsylvania, added over 1,500 subscribers to its IPTV service in the second quarter of this year to reach 19,371 customers by the end of June, giving a year-on-year growth of 39.8%.

The company's IPTV footprint passed 152,181 homes by the end of June, up from 147,338 at the end of last March.  Data and Internet revenues for the second quarter of this year rose US$ 1.5mn from the same period of 2008 to reach US$ 16.704mn, due to the continued growth in DSL, IPTV and VoIP services.

Total revenues across all operations for the second quarter of this year reached US$ 102mn, down slightly from the US$ 106.4mn for the same period of 2008, while net income reached US$ 7.5mn up from US$ 0.2mn by the same comparison.

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