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Anristu MS9710C/05/14 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Optical Spectrum Analyzer => Anristu OSA => Anristu MS9710C/05/14 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
Anristu MS9710C/05/14 Optical Spectrum Analyzer
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The MS9710C is a diffraction-grating spectrum analyzer for analyzing optical spectra in the 600 to 1750 nm wavelength band. In addition to uses such as measurement of LD and LED spectra, it has functions for measuring the transmission characteristics of passive elements such as optical isolators, as well as NF/Gain of optical fiber amplifier systems. In addition to its basic features, the superior stability and reliability of the diffraction grating (patent pending) offer the severe level and wavelength specifications particularly in the WDM band.
This analyzer has the dynamic range, reception sensitivity and sweep speed requested by users, backed by Anritsus high-level technology. The high sensitivity meets the exacting demands placed on todays measuring instruments. In particular, the excellent wavelength and level specifications fully meet the dense WDM requirements (1520 to 1620 nm). The MS9710C Optical Spectrum Analyzer is the successor to the popular MS9710B but with improved functions and higher performance. The specifications have been upgraded for the important 1.55 m band for WDM communications
and have also been optimised to include the new requirements for the L-band (1570 to 1620 nm) use. In addition to the high reliability and excellent basic performance, this analyzer has a full range of application functions to support accurate measurement in the fastest possible time.

Compact High Performance:
Wavelength accuracy of 20 pm (WDM-band)
Dynamic range of 42 dB (0.2 nm from peak wavelength), 70 dB (1 nm from peak wavelength)
Resolution (FWHM) of 0.05 nm max.
WDM measurement of wavelength, level,and SNR for up to 300 channels
C90 dBm optical reception sensitivity
Tracking function with tunable laser source
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