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Equipment maintenance

"Fast, high-quality, effective" is my purpose of maintenance services, you are welcome to work on our comments and suggestions! We would greatly appreciate your support and cooperation!
I repair center for all the products we sell services to make the following commitments: (China)
Warranty period, will provide customers with free maintenance (except for supplies). However, abuse, misuse, or damage caused by natural causes, will not warranty the scope.

consulting services
Customers in the use of any problems encountered, can be advisory, I will deal with immediately, and provide 24-hour telephone counseling service for the customers the most convenient solution.

maintenance services
Maintenance cycle is normally five working days, for the special requirements of customers, I will provide, as the case may shorten the maintenance cycle

technical training
I will provide the use of hands-on training before the formal process and the use of technical guidance, and the ability to do its utmost to meet your reasonable and other training requirements.

Maintenance services
1. The scope of maintenance services of the Company: Professional maintenance welding, testing instruments and meters, mainly to serve the HP / Agilent light, Fujikura, Furukawa Fusion Splicer, OTDR
2. Technical staff with strict, careful and serious working attitude for each Customer Carry-in test and repair equipment.
3. My company has always been a sincere attitude towards customers, regardless of each instrument repair complex issues simple post-test results by the fault accurately listed the replacement of small parts are out to let their customers know.
4. Maintenance by the Company of the apparatus have the same fault correction shall be responsible for one-month free warranty. After the repair technician is a good indicator of passing the test apparatus. Maintenance of equipment inspected by a long time after the plane did not have problems grilled before notifying customers get equipment.