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(2010-3-31)   Used Optical Test Equipment- In stock    
(2010-1-25)   FITEL- The launch of 2 new Fusion Splicers - S178A & S153A    
(2011-7-7)   Agilent Technologies Sell Network Solutions Business to JDSU     
(2009-6-17)   Huawei, Ericsson win contracts from China Telecom    
(2009-6-17)   China Mobile officially launches MM stores     
(2009-6-17)   China's communications market to outgrow Japan's by 2014    
(2009-6-17)   China Unicom to release 3G numbers in batches in 4Q     
(2009-6-17)   Broadband Entertainment and Digital Media Forum To Be Presented at SUPERCOMM 2009    
(2009-6-17)   China Unicom to invest 10 bln yuan in Guangxi    
(2009-6-17)   Phyworks bucks trend with shipment of 20 millionth chip    
(2009-6-17)   Consolidated Communications nears 20k IPTV subs    
(2009-6-17)   Santec 's New Polarization Extinction Ratio Meter [PEM-330]    
(2009-6-17)   Huawei Names Oclaro as Strategic Supplier    

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